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We are a Software Solutions Provider in the field of Earth & Environmental Sciences for Data capture, Data processing, Analysis, Interpretation & Modeling purpose.

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Geology studies Earth's structure, rocks, and processes. It explores Earth's history through fossils, minerals, and landscapes, aiding resource exploration and environmental protection.



Geophysics applies physics to study Earth's properties, using methods like seismic analysis and magnetic surveys. It informs resource exploration, monitors environmental changes, and assesses geological hazards.



Geochemistry studies Earth's chemical makeup in rocks and fluids, unveiling insights into planetary processes, environmental changes, and resource distribution.


GIS - Remote Sensing

GIS manages and analyzes spatial data for mapping and decision-making. Remote Sensing gathers data from a distance, often using satellites. Together, they enable precise mapping, monitoring, and analysis of Earth's features for applications in urban planning, agriculture, and disaster management.


Groundwater, Surface Water & Watershed

Examining groundwater, surface water, and watersheds involves studying the distribution, quality, and interactions of water resources. This informs sustainable management, addressing environmental, agricultural, and urban challenges.


Pumping Test Analysis

Pumping test analysis assesses an aquifer's characteristics by monitoring changes in water levels during pumping. This yields insights into groundwater flow, storage, and sustainable well yield, crucial for water resource management and well design in fields like hydrogeology and environmental engineering.

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Unparalleled innovation in hydrogeological solutions that transformed our approach and elevated our operations to new heights.

Hindustan Unilever Limited relies on Aditi Infotech for cutting-edge hydrogeological software, elevating our groundwater management with precision and efficiency.

Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Unilever Limited

Aditi Infotech's hydrogeological solutions are a game-changer for JSW. Their expertise optimizes our aquifer strategies, greatly impacting our operations.



Aditi Infotech's expertise has significantly enhanced our resource planning, establishing as an invaluable partner in our operational success.

Moil Limited

Moil Limited

20 Years of experience

With two decades of unwavering commitment, we bring extensive experience to the supply of diverse and cutting-edge software and instruments. Collaborating with organizations, agencies and academic institutes, we have delivered innovative and reliable tools that contribute to the success of their initiatives.

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Who are we?

We would like to introduce ourselves as a software solution provider company in the field of Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Groundwater, Surface water, Watershed Modeling, Environmental, GIS & Image Processing software’s, Handheld GPS, Differential GPS (DGPS), Groundwater Monitoring Instruments & Data Loggers for data capture, data processing, analysis, interpretation & modeling purpose.

We are also one of the Accredited Institute by CGWA, Govt of India to carry out the Impact Assessment/Comprehensive Hydrogeological Studies, Groundwater Survey along with Rainwater Harvesting. We are a service providing company to various mines and Industry in the area of Comprehensive Hydrogeological Survey, Rainwater Harvesting plan for obtaining the NOC to Abstract Ground Water/Dewatering (NOCAP) from CGWA, Ministry of Jal Shakti and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India.

We are also authorized to conduct the DGPS Survey for Geo-references Mining lease/prospecting License Maps & Cadastral Maps and various related report for mining such as Pre-feasibility Report, Geotechnical report, Geophysical Survey etc.

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