Geology is the scientific study of the Earth, including its composition, structure, processes, and history. Geologists examine the materials that make up the Earth, such as minerals, rocks, soil, and water, and investigate the various forces and processes that shape the planet's surface and interior.



Contouring, Mapping & 3D Surface Mapping

A full-function 3D visualization, contouring & surface modeling package. Terrain modeling, bathymetric modeling, Landscape visualization, Surface analysis, Contour Mapping, Watershed & 3D Surface Mapping, Gridding, Volumetric & much more.



2D & 3D Graphing For Advance Graph Plotting

Grapher is the only graphing program you will ever need. Create powerful stunning graphs quickly & efficiently. Ideal for scientists, engineers, & business professionals. This easyto-use, powerful, dynamic program will help you create superior publication-quality professional graphs in minutes! Create one of 54 Unique Graph types. Create linear or logarithmic line, scatter, bar charts, & histograms as 2D or 3D graphs. ● Statistical Graphs ● Linear Graphs ● Polar Graphs ● Bar Charts ● Hi-Low-Close Plots ● Box-Whisker Plot ● 2D Graphs, ● 3D Graphs ● Ternary Diagrams ● Graph Multiple Variables ● Complex Graphs ● Logarithmic Graphs.

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