Resistivity Meter

A resistivity meter measures electrical resistance, commonly used in geophysical surveys to assess subsurface properties.

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Aquameter CRM Auto-D for Geophysical Resistivity Survey

Resistivity (geo-electrical) surveying is one of the most versatile and successful geophysical prospecting methods for ground water prospecting mineral prospecting, ground resistance measurements, geological and geo-technical mapping, bedrock studies, certain civil engineering applications. Specification Transmitter • Power Output : 40W • Constant Current 1mA to 500mA in 14 Steps • Maximum Voltage 400V • Peak to Peak Voltage 800V • Current Selection Automatic Selection of Current as per Ground Conditions Receiver • Input Impedance 10MΩ • Input Voltage Range 0.1mV to 200V • Precision 0.05 mV • Accuracy ± 1.0 % • Noise Rejection 95 dB at 50 Hz • Self Potential Cancellation Automatic Resistance Measuring Range 1 mΩ to 100 KΩ Input Power Source • Rechargeable Battery Pack 12V and 12 Ah Capacity • Measuring Capacity 200 Readings at 500 mA • Option for External Battery Source Connection Provision for External Battery Connection System Data.